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    Ltd. Heng Seoul referred to as "Hang Fall", is specialized in the distribution network and computer system integration. Over the years, constant Seoul set up a practical and efficient information flow, logistics and cash flow management, so that our business around the world. The company has accumulated a variety of wireless network construction, experienced information networks, cabling, intelligent buildings, lightning protection and grounding, access control attendance, public broadcasting, video surveillance, video conferencing and other weak system integration building.
    The company now has its own brand HENGER full range of cabling products; Cisco Cisco, Huawei 3COM, Huawei HUAWEI, D-Link D-Link, CommScope COMMSCOPE, AMP AMP, Belden BELDEN, PANDUIT PANDUIT, Simon SIEMON, postal Hong UCOM , Ji Wei GVC, moon and cabinets, network cabinets Austin, Totem cabinet and other world-renowned manufacturers to establish a long-term strategic partnership sales a full set of network hardware equipment and a full integrated wiring products, the company has always customer-centric business philosophy, strengthen management innovate, improve the national service system, provide better services, by means of these well-known brand manufacturers, it is within the southern China region and worldwide outplay large network products distributor.
Shenzhen Airport Co., network construction project
    Shenzhen Airport Co., weak project chosen our products and fiber optic systems AMP UTP unshielded cable series systems, voice module and Cisco network switches and other communications products, used in products are mainly used in the construction of airport information.
Shenzhen Investment Holdings Nakasu cabling project
    Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Zhongzhou office selected Division I products CommScope six unshielded systems and fiber optic modules, Cisco routing, firewall communications products, mainly used in corporate networks for data transmission.

Shenzhen Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. Information Transmission Project
    Shenzhen Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. Information transmission projects selected CommScope six unshielded system line, voice patch panels, voice module and Cisco switches cabling products communications products, aerospace and information technology, construction and digital communications transmission products are mainly used.

Shenzhen Flextronics Electric Co. network cabling project
    Shenzhen Flextronics Electric Co. network cabling project adopts the Division I brand AMP Series UTP unshielded network cable, network jumper, fiber jumpers and H3C switches, this product is used for office automation and network transmission.


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